Electric Legend Pictures is a Phoenix based collective of audio/visual artists specializing in music video and film production. Founded in 2009 by Freddie Paull, Electric Legend started as a team of guerrilla filmmakers experimenting with capturing the unseen nighttime around the Valley. The small group would travel around the city in search of the some of the valley's hidden beauty, then capture them with extended exposure settings on a DSLR camera. These strings of pictures were turned into timelapses, which laid the foundation of Electric Legend's style. The fascination of capturing the unseen led Freddie to create more videos exploring his surroundings, including a video for Fleet Foxes that juxtapositioned life in the city to the peaceful openness of the wilderness near Flagstaff, a video for Sufjan Stevens that explored a desert garden freshly drenched from a monsoon, and a video for Bon Iver that explored British countryside. The style also led Freddie to join up with filmmaker Zachary Slager, and travel to New York to create a Blind Pilot music video in the form of a tribute to one of their biggest influences, John Lennon. The pair legally formed Electric Legend Pictures shortly after they got home. In addition to Freddie and Zach, Electric Legend Pictures is run by Chase T. Pierson, who heads up the writing department.


  In 2012, Electric Legend Pictures won an international competition to create a promo for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros' new album, Here. The team is now partnered with Phoenix's number one alternative music venue, Crescent Ballroom, and the recently-crowned best recording studio in the United States, Saltmine Studio Oasis. As of 2012, Electric Legend's YouTube channel have been viewed in every country and territory in the world, and have been published in hundreds of online publications including NPR, Time Magazine, and the Guardian.



2014 American Online Film Awards - Official Selection

2013 RAW Arizona - Filmmaker of the Year

AZ Music Matter - Top 10 Music Videos of 2013

2013 Other Venice Film Festival - Official Selection

1st place - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Here Video Competition

1st Place - 2011 SEDS Video Competition

2011 SCC Film Festival - Best Short Short Film



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